Spedizioni di pacchi verso l’estero, tutte le soluzioni più efficaci

Spedizioni di pacchi verso l’estero, tutte le soluzioni più efficaci

20-09-2021 in Servizi

Communicating in the world of the Internet is much easier than in the past: through social and instant messaging services, distances can be cleared (albeit virtually) in a few moments. However, if communication today is not affected by kilometers of distance, different needs may arise which, if not treated carefully, can require a long wait. Let's talk about the moments in which it is necessary to provide the other person with an object and therefore a shipment must be used . Many of the companies in the sector today offer services that have no problem in making shipments for an international route: but what are the best companies to rely on in these situations to get the best possible service?

How to send a package abroad

Over the years, dealing with shipments - even to foreign countries - has seen the need to follow an increasingly streamlined process: globalization and the possibility for users to make purchases from scattered retailers have contributed to all this. worldwide, who in turn must send the goods to the buyer; the increasing amount of purchases has made international routes extremely busy, cutting costs and making this type of shipments more affordable for common customers. Today, therefore, creating your own shipment is extremely simple even on an international route and does not differ too much from the steps to follow to send a package within national borders: the various services used require you to fill in specific items containing the fields of interest, being able to choose the most suitable solution according to your needs. Once this is done, it is necessary to have all the necessary documentationand finally it is necessary to prepare the goods for the trip, following the specific rules on packaging and applying all the necessary documents to the package. Some services also offer the possibility to collect the package directly from the sender's home, making everything as simple, quick and convenient as possible.

Poste Italiane and the shipping service abroad

Sending your parcel abroad through the Italian Post Office service can be a very useful choice, since there are numerous possibilities through Poste Delivery International Standard . The first thing to do is to weigh your package, in order to make sure that it does not exceed a total of 20 kg in weight and 105 cm in width.. A detailed guide explains everything you need to know, also adding information about delivery times and storage times, also allowing you to have updates on the position during the journey through the electronic tracking service. Once you have consulted all the necessary information regarding packaging and other aspects, you can go to any post office to send the package; alternatively, if you wish to further shorten the time, you can also fill out all the necessary documentation for shipping directly from your home, and then go to the post office only to send the package. Finally, the overall price of the shipment will depend on the weight of the package, its format and the chosen destination.

The services of the other platforms

By contacting services such as those of SDA, it is possible to ship to Italy and Europe always enjoying extreme efficiency: it is possible to consult all the documentation necessary for shipping, as well as the items that can be shipped with SDA. Also with SDA a tracking service is available for users, which allows you to monitor the position of the package during the transfer.

In addition to the giants of the sector, it is interesting to evaluate the proposal of platforms such as SpedireAdesso.com , which guarantees unique possibilities in this sector: the company, composed of a young staff, allows shipments to be made in Italy and in the rest of Europe, always maintaining low costs and above all fast shipments on packages, envelopes and pallets, delivered by express couriers who carry out both collections and home deliveries, also offering a traceability service and the possibility of transferring objects up to a weight of 50 kg. The site also contains all the forms to be filled in for shipping.

The same Ioinvio service can also be an extremely useful alternative solution: through the platform you can select the city from which to ship and the city where the package will be delivered, with a delivery time equal to 1 or 2 working days after collection. (for almost all Italian cities). In the same way, the solution provides for foreign shipments, promising a very rapid route, with many locations that then provide a home delivery in 3 working days, to which the shipping must be added.

Take into account the customs

When it comes to international shipments, however, we must also take into account what may be the unexpected, in terms of slowdowns but also of economic surcharges: customs can be a discriminating factor and, for this reason, it is always a good thing. consider in advance how delays and additional costs might affect

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